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The Best Writers As a preliminary guide, we can say that a good research paper in this course should integrate different levels of analysis as follows:A. Positive Analysis (why and how are things changing?)Positive analysis explains and analyzes how the world works and, in the context of our course, why and how things are changing. In our course this might involve explaining and analyzing phenomena like new forms of corporate power and the kinds of issues these developments have raised for our economy, business organizations, political institutions and social relations.  Theories, academic debates, models, data, examples and other research findings from your readings should be used to develop a “positive” analysis (examining what’s happening and why). It is typically useful to evaluate or compare the different ideas or theories of scholars/researchers who have studied the issue you have chosen. Which researchers have given the most persuasive analysis of the key factors at play?B. Critical and/or Normative Analysis (what difference does it make?)In connection with discussing the debates and different approaches for understanding the issue, you should try to draw conclusions from your analysis and demonstrate its implications, the problems highlighted by the analysis and how we should respond to them. Here you might want to demonstrate how the positive analysis above might provide a foundation for evaluating, comparing, proposing and defending policy solutions, ethical evaluations or political perspectives.C. Strategic Analysis (how can the need and the pressure to find solutions be addressed?)Show how your analysis creates a better understanding of the need for change or the need to defend or extend current approaches as well as the strategies or policies that might support them. You do not need to portray one approach or strategy as categorically the best, but you should discuss at least in general terms the policy options and strategic directions that could be adopted by government or business, or by other parties. How would any new policy, model or reform overcome the shortcomings of existing or old approaches?IV. Research Requirements Each of the general topic frameworks outlined in section II above are covered in course readings. Hence, you should use material from those readings in developing your paper. Yet this is a research paper which requires you to rely primarily on outside sources. We will provide guidance on how to find and use materials such as academic journal articles and academic books. You may also use journalistic materials and other sources of information as well, so long as you follow the guideline (explained below) of primarily using academic articles and books.