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The Best WritersBegin by discussing rural social work, including the unique needs found in rural settings.  Compare and contrast rural social work settings with those found in urban or suburban areas.As social workers it is important to attend to professional roles and boundaries. How might professional roles and boundaries be difficult to uphold working in a rural community? (Please review the Gregory, Green, & McLaren article and the Pugh article they will be helpful in answering this question).Discuss the unique ethical dilemmas for social workers working in rural settings? How can a social worker attend to these dilemmas? (Please review the Galambos and Li articles  they will be helpful in answering this question).Title page which adheres to APA format (an example of a title page is provided on p. 61 of APA manual (7th ed.).References page (APA format) which should include the course text, the NASW Code of Ethics, the four articles mentioned in the paper requirements, and references you use in support of your statements.