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The Best WritersUse specific details from your writing to help provide context for your response. Reconsider the work you have done to choose your topic, define your issue, and provide context for understanding your issue. Is your chosen issue clearly understandable to one or more audiences? Are the stakes of this issue easy to understand? Go back and re-read your work in writing about the context for your chosen issue. As you prepare to submit your final draft, where do you need to narrow or clarify the context you provide for your perspective on your issue? Look back over the visual organizer you used to think about  other perspectives on your chosen issue. Do you see places where you still have “gaps” in your information or perspective?  Do any new connections between sources emerge upon reviewing your initial work? Reflect on how you build credibility in your writing. Are there ways you can clarify your credibility as a knowledgeable, ethical (fair), and attentive participant in the conversation about your issue?