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The Best WritersHow is the intervention done and by whom? Describes strategies, steps or activities employed in the intervention, gives specific examples of techniques or steps. Describes any special qualifications needed to provide the intervention and the types of professionals who provide it, if limited. 2. Expected Outcomes and Anticipated length. Explains the observable, measurable outcomes expected and when these should be observed. May involve extrapolating from research studies. 3. What is the evidence to support the intervention. Describes original research study/studies that include children, providing enough information for reader to understand the subject characteristics, type of study, indications of rigor of scientific method, and findings. 4. What is the quality of that evidence? Student has indicated (talked about) and evaluated the scientific rigor, potential for bias, possible confounds, validity and safeguards the authors took with the study, and presented an assessment of whether this is an intervention that has empirical support for use with chidden with communication disorders.