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The Best Writers Write a summary about your Curated Collection topic on the Sway. Explain why you selected your 5 contributions to develop this presentation.Body of the paper (15 pts)How do people get ripped off or scammed in this topic?One example of how people potentially are scammed.Ways to prevent being scammed.Any other important and relevant information about the topicLaws and Agencies (6 pts)Which laws and regulations and agencies help to protect the public and what can be improved to prevent more loss of money and health.Conclusion (10 pts)Reflect on your process: Explain your understanding of how the social determinants of health undermine health literacy? What could you do better and what did you do well? What was this process like for you to make a visual-only presentation without speaking? What is your overall take away from this assignment?CriteriaInclude at least 3 valid and reliable intext citations and references in APA format. One source must be a current peer-reviewed journal article. (10pts)Must be free of grammatical or typographical errors. (3pts)Paper is formatted in 12-point Ariel type double spaced, one-inch margins (2pts).