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The Best WritersSelect one of the articles under one of the following subheadings to read: CrimeEconomicsMoralityPersonal Freedom and LibertyViewpoints from Involved PartiesDecriminalization v. LegalizationPost a summary of your selected article and your opinion.  Do you agree with the articles premise?  Why or why not?Please make sure to include the name of the title/author of your selected article in your post.Please also note that the word count requirement for this posting will be broken down as follows:150 word summary (this is a minimum) and 150 word opinion/reflection (also a minimum).Respond to one of your classmates’ postings.  Do you agree with their opinion?  Why or why not?DB8 will be graded as follows:Complete post which provides an answer to the question(s) or prompt(s) using standard English vocabulary and grammar: 80% (300 word minimum 150 summary, 150 opinion).Complete response using proper format, standard English vocabulary and grammar: 20% (150 word minimum).