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Operations Management

June 2022 Examination

Q1. List down briefly the various inventory management techniques prevalent in the industry. Discuss how some of these techniques would be applicable to an Automobile Service Shop in effective management of their inventories; i.e Spares, Consumables, etc (assume several inventories of your choice). (10 Marks)

Ans 1.

The term “inventory control” refers to keeping track of your stock and controlling your employer’s stock while it is bought, manufactured, saved, and utilized. It controls the complete flow of merchandise, from purchase to sale, ensuring that the right amounts of the excellent article are constantly to be had in the best location at the precise segment. The items that your employer handles with the purpose of selling are referred to as stock. It can be raw components that you buy and transform into

Q2. Explain in detail the various types of plant layout concepts that area available in operations management. Give examples on where each of these types can be employed respectively. Briefly explain a layout applicable for a Retail store format, highlighting the good points and bottlenecks, if any. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.

Laying out the plant is a method for enlarging the use of production facilities via arranging gadgets, substances, people, storage space, and different supportive centers within the greatest well-organized and profitable manner possible interior the available ground place. Plant layout is quite complicated because it includes concepts from engineering, architecture, economics, and business control. Maximum managers now

Q3. A restaurant chain is planning to open up a new midsized multi cuisine restaurant. Considering their expertise and knowledge in the food and beverages services, they are confident of getting into the new restaurant operation. You are required to suggest the team on the following points:

a. Suggest a site location for the restaurant, assuming it to be Metro city (you can assume a city of your choice). Give your reasons for the same (5 Marks)

Ans 3a.

The restaurant’s location is vital to its success. Many factors should be examined before deciding on a location, and much wondering and coaching must pass into the choice. As a result, we’ve got to prepare a comprehensive restaurant site selection checklist that you need to evaluate before deciding on a place for your restaurant.

b. What strategy would the restaurant adopt for an Aggregate Operation Plan of resources given a time frame of a year? (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.

A company’s business approach might be finalized based on demand prediction recommendations. Following the completion of business strategies, a corporation would possibly move backward from the end sales unit to the uncooked substances vital. As a result, annual and quarterly plans are split into