Open the PowerPoint titled Neoclassical. In order to listen to the PowerPoint yo

Open the PowerPoint titled Neoclassical. In order to listen to the PowerPoint you need to open it, go to SLIDESHOW in the upper tabs and choose PLAY FROM START, then hit the space bar and you will hear me narrate the lecture.

Answer the following questions and post your answers on BlackBoard. Comment on a classmates’s post. Extra credit is given for additional comments.

1.Compare and contrast the two paintings on the last slide of the narrated lecture: “The Village Bride” and “Return from Cythera”.

Be sure to compare the similarities and differences of: the style of painting, technique, color palette, genre (still life, landscape, interior, portrait), figures, clothing, event taking place, lighting.

What a major difference between the two?

2. Choose one piece of art/architecture that best explains/describes this period. Why? Be sure to include the
title, artist, date.

3. Define each term:
Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture (French Royal Academy
Reception piece
Fête galante
The Grand Tour
History painting
Middle ground
Prix de Rome
Reception piece
1. What is Romanticism? 2. How does it differ from Neoclassicism?
3. How does Delacroix’s work differ from history painting?
4. What is his painting, “Liberty Leading the People” about?
5. Is it an example of Romanticism? If so how?

6. Why are the people in his painting important?
7. Explain in detail, using examples from the video and readings to explain how they relate to the narrative. Include the importance of specific figures, their clothing etc. 8. Why is it important that Notre Dame in the background of the painting? 9. Can you think of a recent event that encouraged artists to respond by making art?

10. How do the lyrics, inspired by Victor Hugo’s famous novel, Les Misérables (1862), and the musical (1980) and films that followed relate to your previous answer and the meaning of the painting?
His novel was written during and in response to the French Revolution.
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