Online Learning vs Face to Face persuasive speech

Your assignment is to write a persuasive script for a five-minute speech about the topic you have been researching for the last six weeks. Your speech script will be approximately 750 words and should include references to at least four secondary sources and some primary research.

Topic:  The challenge faced by college students that you have been researching for the last six weeks.

The LSC-North Harris leadership team. The group includes the college
president and all college vice presidents. This group of leaders is
responsible for all aspects of the college—academics (classes,
curriculum, class format), student services (advising, financial aid,
student activities), and facilities (including COVID protocols).

To advocate for a change to improve the challenge you have studied this
semester. As a student, you have unique perspective regarding your
issue.  Sharing your perspective can bring about change.

Writing Tips:

help you with crafting your script, I suggest that apply the three
strategies discussed I the blog I assigned in Week 12:  a good
presentation is “audience-centric,” has a presenter that acts as a
mentor, and “wraps the content in a story.” Below are some additional
tips that we will practice in class for the remainder of the semester.

Organize your speech around strong paragraphs:

a clear beginning (tell your reader what you are going to tell them),
middle (tell them with solid evidence), and end (tell them what you told
Use paragraphing to indicate a shift in topic.  I am not giving you a specific number of paragraphs this time!
moving from point to point (or paragraph to paragraph), make sure you
use some type of device to maintain the “flow” of your script.  Be
careful about relying on single-word transitions.  Instead, consider
using phrases and clauses.
each paragraph with the main point of that paragraph. Your point should
be clear. Tip: Do not start any paragraph with a quotation!  Instead,
start the paragraph with your own point, and then back up that point
with the information from your sources.
Identify a clear audience and purpose for your script before writing it.  Evaluate every detail in terms to these two elements.

Use specific, concrete evidence:

Use specific examples and observations from your primary research to provide concrete evidence of your topic on our campus.
specific examples and observations from your secondary research to
provide concrete evidence of your topic at other colleges.

You must refer to at least four different sources in your speech.
Use tags when referring to secondary research.
Include a Works Cited page as the last page of your speech.

Format and Submission Instructions

Please following the format and submission directions below:

Include a heading that follows MLA guidelines
Make sure that your file is either a .doc file or a pdf
Use internal citations (tags) that follow MLA citation format
Works Cited page that follows MLA citation format