After reading the article from The New Yorker, think about the impact the Coronavirus has had, and continues to have, on government-mandated health and safety orders (State of California and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health – and other public health agencies), and people’s reactions from these health and safety “orders.” 

This article speaks mostly to the creation of a new social structure in America. One that has evolved due to the economic impact.

This essay is meant to illustrate how civil rights and fundamental freedoms can be temporarily altered under the 10th Amendment (health and safety) and more importantly, do you think these new social structures will be permanent?

Think about the personal impact you’ve experienced over the course and scope of the last year due to the pandemic. After carefully reading the article, which new social structure do you identify with most? Perhaps you identify with more than one?

A Remote?
An Essential? – Use This 
The Unpaid?
The Forgotten?

Given your new social structure, the one (or more) you identify most with, what are the drawbacks and advantages? Your response needs to be drawn from a constitutional analysis, then applied to the social structure(s) you’ve chosen.