Once all of your reports have been saved, type a four paragraph report using the

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowOnce all of yourreports have been saved, type a four paragraph report using the results of yourdiet and activity analysis. Answer the following questions to complete yourwriting assignment. You are required to use at least two references in paragraphtwo and three. Grammar and spelling will be graded. · Paragraph1: How is your diet? After looking at the Energy Balance report, will yourdiet cause a gain in weight, weight loss, or weight maintenance? How could youspecifically include more activity in your day? Compare your dietary intake forthe two days. Was your intake different or the same? Make some comments aboutyour intake of nutrients. Are you missing nutrients or does your diet includetoo much of some nutrients? Make a list of all the vitamins and minerals thatwere below 100% in the Intake vs. Goals report. · Paragraph2: Use the Intake vs. Goals report and choose one macronutrient (fats,carbohydrates, or protein) that is the highest of the recommended intake. Googlethis nutrient and discover the negative results of eating too much of theirenergy nutrient. If it is over 100% or why not having the proper ration ofmacronutrients in your diet is harmful. Which food in your diet could bereduced in order to reduce this negative result? Choose one item that is highin fat or carbohydrate and list a replacement item that is lower in fat or carbohydrate.· Paragraph3: Use the Intake vs. Goals report, the Intake Spreadsheet, and report thename of the micronutrient (a vitamin or mineral) that is lowest in your diet. Findout the importance of the micronutrient by using Wikipedia.com or google.com.List three food items that you would eat to insure adequate intake of thisvitamin or mineral. Make a list of the categories on the My Plate Analysis thatare lacking in your diet.· Paragraph4: Include thoughts and reflections about your overall diet. What changes would/couldmake? What are the consequences of not changing your diet? Has this projectchanged the way you look at food? Is it just to satisfy your hunger (fill yourbelly) or to fuel your body with the nutrition you need?For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated