Often, for my sections of 1301, I assign a movie review for the first unit essay

Often, for my sections of 1301, I assign a movie review for the first unit essay. For 1302, I like to build on this concept by digging a bit deeper with working with a film as a source: evaluate a famous cinematic villain.
What makes a cinematic villain memorable? The goals for this essay will be to establish criteria, support the claim, and incorporate opposing views. In the coming days, there will be more content and activities to help showcase how this essay will be constructed.
Length: 700-800 words in total
Research (Primary source): The film featuring the villain
Additional primary sources (films) are allowed
Secondary sources not required
Integration of primary source (the film) must include the following and be accurately cited:
At least one direct quote of dialogue
At least one scene summary or paraphrase
Source documentation: MLA version 9
Document formatting: I expect proper formatting and page layout with all essay submissions. This IS part of the essay grade, so please refer to the “Page Layout and Formatting” content pages for requirements and instruction.
File type requirement: I only accept .docx or .doc file types. These are the default file type for Microsoft Office Word. If using Google Docs, you MUST save it as this file type. PDFs, text files, or any other file type submitted will be deleted and considered as a non-submission. You may also refer to the “Submitting Work to Me” section of the syllabus.
Required Structure:
Thesis presents a debatable topic and provides essay stance
Forecasting main points optional
Clear paragraph focus for main points
Clear counterargument included (as own paragraph/s)
Counterargument is also known as opposing view or counterclaim
Final Notes:
This essay assignment also starts our work with developing an argument and critical thinking. Next, choose the film and villain wisely because we will be working with this essay again for unit 4.
Due Date: please refer to the current posted schedule and/or announcements for the accurate due date.
Late Submission Policy and Penalties:
-10% of essay grade: submitted after deadline and within 24 hours:
Example: A- (90/100) becomes B- (81/100)
-20% of essay grade: submitted between 24 and 48 hours:
Example: A- (90/100) becomes C- (72/100)
No essays accepted beyond 48 hours after deadline.