After reviewing the relevant course material, select 3 topics/concepts/tools/theories that stood out for your group from the week 9 lecture and supplementary reading material. Identify and describe each selected topic in detail and elaborate on why these stood out as being important to your group. The purpose here is to reflect on the material presented. The lecture slides are available in the Course Materials section and the supplementary readings (are the same as those for last week) and can also be found under the Course Materials tab on this page and/or in the Course Pack.
Please remember this is a two-part assignment, which requires the following:
For Part 1, each group is required to submit their top 3 topics/concepts/tools/theories

For Part 2, each individual team member is required to respond to a minimum of two posts with a minimum of 100-150 words per response. These responses can be to initial posts or continuing the conversation within your own group’s thread.
In the first part, you need to read the ppt, and then sort out three paragraphs of extended content about ppt. The word document I gave you was published by another group. This is an example. In the second part, in the word document, please comment on the first and third topics, 100-200 words.