The Best WritersRubricAPA Assignment grading Rubric%Total5 in-text citations formatted using currentAPA guidelines10% for each correctly cited in-text citation50%Reference list of 5 articles formatted using current APA guidelines10% for each correctly cited reference list50%Grand total100%Literature Review Table RubricLiterature Review Table RubricUnsatisfactory 0Partially Proficient15Proficient 20Exemplary 25ScoreArticles0-1 primary research articles are identified2-3 primary research articles are identified.4 primary research articles are identified.5 primary research articles are identified.Articles appropriate to PICOT0-1 primary researcharticles appropriate toPICOT2-3 primary researcharticles appropriate toPICOT4 primary researcharticles appropriate toPICOT5 primary researcharticles appropriate toPICOTArticles uploaded toMoodle0-1 primary research articles are included with table2-3 primary research articles are included with table4 primary research articles are included with table5 primary research articles are included with tableTableThere are major errors in the tableThere are several errors and/or incomplete dataThere are some missing data and/or errorsThe table is completed appropriatelyTotal/100Literature Review Rubric15-1010-55-0Meets all outlined criteria and is succinct andsufficient. Logically demonstrates the need for this research questionDoes not meet one of the criteria but is well organized, andsufficient. Logically demonstrates the need for this research question.Does not meet two or more of the criteria and/ or is not organized, and sufficient. The reader cannot conclude the “so what”.Clinical question is clearly statedClinical question can be implied but was not clearly stated.Clinical question was not stated and/or were not apparent from the literature review.35-2525-1515-0The appraisal reflects accurate analysis of the essential components for all studiesFive appropriate articles are reviewed.The appraisal reflects most (lacking 2 or more elements) of the essential components for one or all the studiesFour appropriate articles are reviewed.The appraisal reflects some (lacking 4 or more elements) of the essential components for either study Three or fewer appropriate articles are reviewed.25-1515-1010-5Meets criteria. Well organized, follows a logical sequence that allows the reader to arrive at a logical conclusion. PICOT conclusion is clear and well-supported by the literature.Does not meet 1-2 of the criteria but is organized, and/or demonstrates illogical sequencing or structure.Conclusions relating to PICOT are vague and/or unsupported by the literature.Does not meet >2criteria and/or is weakly organized with no logical sequencing or structure.Conclusions relating to PICOT cannot be made.10-76-43-0There are no major grammatical errors.There are a few grammatical errors.There are major grammatical errors.Introduction: Provides rationale for student selection ofliterature Discussed search terms and techniques.Demonstrates the need for this research questionClinical Question (PICOT) Includes the clinical questionAppraisal of Articles: Uses established critical appraisal criteria to evaluate essential components of each reviewed study, including but not limited to:· Type and size of sample· Reliability and validity of instruments· Methodology· Consistency of data collection and procedures· Appropriate data analysis· Results· Identification of limitationsSynthesis/Conclusion:Reflection on the analysis and synthesis of material Identifies gaps and inconsistencies Summarizes overall strengths and weaknesses of the studies reviewed Discuss similarities and differences of articlesGrammarStratford University School of NursingSyllabus Supplement33310-87-54-0Incorporates the text, course materials, and selected readings; does not use Wikipedia or other non-academic resources. There are minimal to no errors in formatting, referencing and style.There are moderate errors in APA formatting, style, and referencing.Severe errors in APA style, formatting, or referencing. Violates the School of NursingStudent’s Personal Integrity Statement more than 2 times.Support and Referencing:See Turn-It-InSEE SONINTEGRITYSTATEMENT15Student Personal Integrity StatementI,(print your name here), am provided a hard copy (or e-copy for online courses) of the Syllabus and Syllabus Supplement in NSG 410. I am aware of:∑ All due dates, including exams, assignments, and penalties associated with late work/exams,∑ Attendance policies and student’s responsibilities related to attendance and student nurse dress code,∑ Policies related to classroom and clinical behavior.I recognize that personal integrity and truth telling is essential to the professional practice of Nursing as discussed in the School of Nursing Handbook. I have read the syllabus and agree that:∑ I alone am responsible for my personal behavior and academic conduct.∑ Any academic misconduct or dishonesty are grounds for course failure and may result in probation, suspension or dismissal from the Nursing Program and Stratford University. These include but are not limited to: o Cheating on exams, o Using papers written by anyone other than myself, my team or from a concurrent class o Using papers turned in for grade during previous or current terms· Copying work from the internet or books or articles and not giving full credit to the authors of that work; no more than 2 sentences may be quoted or paraphrased with intext citation per 6 sentences.· Falsifying documents, records or presentations, o Claiming to have done required course work (theory or clinical) that in fact I did not do· Providing my work (papers, exams, presentations) to another student∑ I am expected to arrive at class on time, stay for the entire time allotted course∑ I am expected to follow class rules outlined in the Syllabus/Syllabus Supplement. Example: No food in classrooms∑ I am expected to treat my professor and my classmates with respect even when we disagree.I accept all policies as written and agree to follow the Syllabus/Syllabus Supplement as outlined.Signed:Student Signature / DateDr Akila RobertsMarch 14, 2022Faculty Signature / Date[Student keeps one copy/faculty files signed copy in students nursing file]16