normalise database relations – Hire Academic Expert

Given the information in Table 1: a. Draw the dependency diagram. (3 marks) b. Identify the multivalued dependencies. (3 marks) c. Create the dependency diagrams to yield a set of table structures in 3NF. (6 marks) e. Draw the Crow’s Foot ERD to reflect the dependency diagrams you drew in Part c. (Note: You might have to create additional attributes to define the proper PKs and FKs. Make sure that all of your attributes conform to the naming conventions.) (3 marks)
For guidance on how to normalise database relations from a dependency diagram, watch this very short YouTube video: Manually drawing the dependency diagram, or the set of 3NF relations or the relational schema is NOT acceptable.
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: • be able to apply normalisation techniques to optimise a database design.


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