No external resource required !!! Summary assignments are not research essays so

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowNo external resource required !!!Summary assignments are not research essays so you are not to go beyond the readings of this course. They are written summaries of the main points of the readings where you are to identify the main concepts, ideas and issues presented in course readings. Nor is your task to criticize the author’s ideas – simply identify what you feel are the main points, concepts or themes in an article and relate them back in a way that demonstrates you understand them, as if you were explaining the article to someone else. If you want to mention how ideas in the readings relate to issues and themes in the course you may do that as well.How To Write Reading Summaries For This Course:Your primary task for the reading summaries are as follows:a) You are to re-present the ideas in the readings back by explaining them in your own words or by citing the author directly. A combination of both is the best technique.b) In addition to repeating the main ideas you are asked to add your own thoughts by discussing why you feel the ideas are interesting or important or how you feel they relate to issues in our society.All good pieces of writing have a defined structure and clear organization and flow of ideas. Just like when you are telling a story to a friend you start at the beginning and then give details to explain further – good writing is the same way, it must flow logically, and begin with the same points that the author begins with. The text should be 12 point font single spaced with standard margins.Cite the articles properly – do not plagiarize!Begin the summary by stating in a sentence or two– what the article is about,– what the author is saying in general, and– what issues are being discussedTry to explain in your own words what the main ideas are. You can paraphrase and quote directly but be sure to cite properly or it is considered plagiarism!*When you quote an article simply do the following: As Bales states, “modern slavery is characterized by…” (Robbins, page#).For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated