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Need an argumentative essay on Mexico forign policy. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.n is aimed at informing the United States citizens about the violation of human rights and encouraging international organizations such as the United Nations to submit recommendations to the government of Mexico with regards to the Ayotzinapa. It is also meant to inform the rest of the world that this case has not yet been closed as the case of such cases of disappearances in the past and reach out to the President Barrack Obama for intervention. Investigations by the Mexican Attorney General offices also show the involvement of the former mayor of Iguana in the disappearances. Investigations by the Proceso magazine revealed the involvement of federal police and armed forces in the disappearances although it has not been confirmed.Analysis: according to the investigations done by the Mexico Attorney General offices and a separate investigation by Proceso magazine, there is involvement of powerful people in the disappearances of the forty-three students. The United Nations have pointed out to the poor management of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s administration but the Mexican government has rejected such accusations. Although the case was closed because of the students’ remains being burnt to ashes and dumped in a river, the citizens want to show the anti-democracy and criminal acts



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