musical artistic movement paper

ou will write a 2-page double-spaced MLA research paper examining one musical artistic movement from the 20th or 21st centuries. 
Begin by choosing a musical artistic movement. Some examples include but are not limited to modernism, neoclassicism, and impressionism. Write your essay addressing only one artistic movement. 

Write an outline and/or draft with the following information: 

Chosen musical artistic movement
Composers who are associated with that artistic movement
Sociopolitical context and any other relevant background information for your chosen artistic movement

Major musical works for that artistic movement, with analysis of various elements of musical style and form
Works cited page with at least two sources 

 Finally, write your essay. Your essay must include the following: 

Introduction with thesis statement 
Several body paragraphs with strong arguments supporting your thesis statement, and answering all of the questions in your chosen prompt 
Background plot information only where necessary to support your body paragraphs 
In-text citations