Morality of Foreign Policy

Morality of Foreign PolicyIt would appear to be an elementary moral truism that a person should be prepared to apply the same standard of conduct to herself that she applies in condemning the actions of another person as morally wrong. Should this same truism also be applied to larger matters of foreign policy? Some critics of American foreign policy think that the answer is clearly affirmative. Edward Said argues that intellectuals in our own society have such a moral responsibility: “Thus, if we condemn an unprovoked act of aggression by an enemy we should also be able to do the same when our government invades a weaker party.” [Edward W. Said. Representations of the Intellectual. New York: Pantheon, 1994. page xiv
INTRODUCTIONAn essay should be written with at least three ends in view. First, precisely formulate what is the main issue or question. Second, formulate clearly what you think is the best answer to that question. It is helpful to explain your answer by contrasting it with an alternative answer that you do not accept. And third, present at least two or three reasons why your conclusion is the best answer. Requirements for an essay include the following:1. The essay must consist in six to seven typed pages (1500 words), space-and-a-half line spacing. A “Works Cited” page must be the included as the seventh page.
2. At least five independent sourcesmust be cited. They will be listed in a “Works Cited” page attached to the essay. An essay assignment is not complete without this. Dictionaries are not sources, nor is Wikipedia.
3. All direct and indirect references to material must be supported by a footnote or endnote. Notes must conform to a standard format, such as the MLA style, or Chicago Manual of Style.
Essay TopicsA student should have already selected one of the topics for an essay listed in the Essay Outline Assignment. Each of these is a beginning. It introduces a question and a reading assignment where you can begin to investigate the question. Organizing an essay is a matter of refining the question by making it more specific. That also requires clarifying one or more of the concepts used in formulating the question as well as the proposed answer.
Formatting requirements:1. There should be title page for the essay. Put your name, date, course and section number, and assignment title clearly at the top of the title page of the document.2. Use one-inch margins and 12-point Times Roman font.3. Use space and a half line spacing in the document.
Evaluation of Assignment:To get a top score your paper must show depth of insight and be clear, coherent, and free of errors. This requires that each answer must satisfy three criteria.
Organization(30 points)Does each paragraph of the essay contribute to purpose of the essay?Can the reader readily identify the primary issue?Can the reader readily identify your answer to that primary issue?
Clarification (30 points)How well does the essay clarify the central ideas used to express the issue and the answer to it?Are the primary concepts used in formulating the issue clarified?Are illustrations used to make the discussion more easily understood?
Reasoning (40 points)How convincing is reasoning which supports the proposed answer?Does your argument consider alternative perspective?Are your claims supported by sufficient documentation?Does your essay satisfy the requirement of five independent sources?