Module 4 Week 12 Assignment (1 page) 1. How does the author suggest agriculture

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowModule 4 Week 12 Assignment (1 page)1. How does the author suggest agriculture can become more sustainable?2.”The world is fed by a system of agricultural intensification that is extremely vulnerable to climate change, changing weather patterns, and shifts in the prices of fuel, fertilizer, and commodity prices.” Explain the quote and propose a plan to rectify the situation.3. Discuss the connections between environmental degradation and inequality and violence. Use examples from the readings to illustrate the relationship.4. What are CAFO’s? (Concentrated animal feeding operation) why is there so much environmental opposition to them?5. How many animals can one CFO house at one time?6. How much waste can one CFO produce in one year?7. Support an argument on whether global agribusiness is ultimately positive for humanity, for having led to billions being fed by inexpensive grain crops or ultimately negative for society having led to global environmental damage, unsustainable ecosystems and the pollution of water sources8. Why is persevering natural ecosystems important to the health and sustainability of human population?Module 4 Week 12 Discussion Board( 1page)1. Compare the authors perspective from chapter 12 on ecological sustainability in Indian and South Africa2. What are the planitary boundaries discussed in chapter 12? What is a carbon footprint measuring?3. What are the three most consumed grains on earth? How many people do these plants support? What is most of the corn in the U.S and Brazil used to feed? Why?4. Go online and Research SeaPlex and the North Pacific Gyre or Pacific Garbage Patch. ow much plastic is estimated to be floating in the pacific? Why does plastic get trapped in the north pacific gyre? What organizations are working to clean plastic out of the oceans?5. What are examples of agriculture becoming a multinational industry and how has that changed our ability to get food?6. How can invasive species impact an ecosystem? Choose an example to describe its impactFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated