module 4

The goal of the module writing assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the psychology content presented in this module.
The module writing assignment should help you meet the following course objectives:

Describe key concepts, principles and overarching themes in psychology. (APA 1.1)
Demonstrate effective writing for different purposes. (APA 4.1)

Using your online textbook as the only resource, write an essay about each of these topics:

Explain the components of Language.
Explain some common roadblocks to effective problem-solving.
Compare the “triarchic theory of intelligence with Howard Gardner’s Theory of Intelligence. (Include real-life examples which characterize the different types) Discuss briefly how this might relate to your career aspirations.
Describe and distinguish between procedural and declarative memory and semantic and episodic memory.
Discuss problems associated with eyewitness testimony and relate it to the Ronald Cotton Story.
Explain the debate related to “Nature vs Nurture” in relation to intelligence. (Be sure to include a discussion of race and socioeconomic status)

While you are required to use your textbook as a resource, be careful not to simply cut, copy and paste responses from the text. I fully understand and EXPECT you to use some of the same words to explain concepts. You will not receive credit for copying content from the text (or any other source). You must demonstrate understanding by writing essays in your own words. If you quote or copy you risk not receiving credit for the entire response. If you use another person’s work, word for word, it is considered “plagiarism”.