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AITC 457 Mobile Applications Programming Question:  This assignment does not need powerpoint or any thing writing out. Only to add to my Assignment 4 using assignment 5 instructions. Assignment description: This assignment is based on your submission for Assignment 4. For this assignment, you will create the following (each has a weight of 50%): One activity or fragment that queries the API for a list of items. One activity or fragment that queries the API for one specific item. The results of both API requests should be integrated with the UI to show the results to the user. If there is no API that matches the nature of your application, please create a simple application using an API that does match the requirements above. You should NOT sign up for APIs that require payments and/or credit cards to access. Also, please note that you should keep the API key in the submission, which means I will have access to it. I will not use your API key other than to test your application, to ensure that it works as intended. The activities, fragments, and interactions should conform to the application description you turned in for assignment 2. If you should deviate from the original plan, resubmit the application description to reflect any changes you will make with this assignment. Although the applicationthat you described for Assignment 2 is not set in stone, you still have to produce documentation that accompanies your efforts. If you wish to challenge yourself, you can make sure that the program “fails gracefully” if someone enters the wrong information or data type. The name of the project should be assignment__. The description of the application should be saved as a PDF file. Turn in Zip the entire project and submit it through Sakai. Any written documentation should be turned in as a separate PDF file. The project should utilize KitKat, and be able to run on an emulated Nexus 4.