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OR You may select any topic that you are more familiar with that is on milestone 1 attachment. Give me a heads up if you prefer to do a different topic.This request is broken down into 3 parts (milestones), with 3 deadlines.
Milestone 1: Due 11-14-2018
Topic Selection should follow these formatting guidelines: One page, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA format. The topic description should provide sufficient detail to show the appropriateness of the topic. see “milestone 1” attachment for grading rubric detail. For milestone 1, APA Citations as needed (2-3). Milestone 2: Due 11-23-2018
Your submission should be a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over narration, or an alternative audio recording tool (please include a typed narrative, i will re-record with my voice). The presentation should be approximately 510 minutes in length. The number of slides required could vary depending on the topic selected.
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Provide a mathematical proof with supporting details, ensuring:
a) Mathematical representations (equations, diagrams, graphs, etc.) are clear and appropriate
b) Mathematical terminology and notation are accurately used
c) All of the main elements of the mathematical proof, including axioms and theorems, are included
d) Significant mathematical concepts are explained
II. Organize your presentation in a logical way and pace transitions so that the material is easily accessible.
III. Ensure your use of mathematical notation is accurate
Please see attachment “Milestone 2” for more details. APA Citations as needed.Milestone 3 – Final submission. We will take any feedback provided from milestone to and have it refined by milestone 3. Please see “Milestone 3” Attachment. This final presentation will be the recorded power point presentation (i’ll voice over) with a thorough defense provided.
The class questions, I will answer, so no worries. Most importantly,
The presentation should be 510 minutes in length and include PowerPoint slides (or alternative format) documenting the proof. The number of slides is not specified; utilize what is needed to adequately support your proof.I. Document the proof in detail with comprehensive supporting information,specifically:
a) Ensure mathematical representations (equations, diagrams, graphs, etc.) are clear and appropriate.
b) Ensure that your use of mathematical terminology and notation is accurate.
c) Present all of the main elements of the mathematical proof, including axioms and theorems.
d) Explain the significant mathematical concepts involved in your proof.
II. Prepare for an oral defense in which you will:
a) Provide a thorough oral defense, speaking clearly and effectively.
III. Organize your presentation in a logical 

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