Michel Foucault and Surveillance

Your final paper should analyze one of the issues we discussed on the two cases that comprise the modern city [either industrial or bourgeois] in relation to topics on the contemporary city that will be covered in coming weeks. If you browse the syllabus, you’ll see that each week revolves around atheme: work, productivity, circulation, surveillance, solitude, nightlife, inclusion, and so on. The choice of topic is up to you, but it must be approved by me. You can of course use outside sources, but the paper should draw primarily on the readings for the course. Keep in mind that the final paper is an exercise that requires you to analyze the lectures, bibliography, and the debates raised during class in relation toUnit II. Students are expected to develop an essay with a clear and precise argument, establishing meaningful concepts and analyses of the chosen city ‘models.’ The final paper should be an original contribution rather than a summary of the bibliography