measurement of industrial noise pollution in a manufacturing plant in Kuwait

The Best Writers you are investigating for the measurement of industrial noise pollution in a manufacturing plant in Kuwait. After searching from the sources below. (Please only use these sources)Prabu, M., Gokulram, M.,Magibalan, S., Senthilkumar, P., & Boopathi, R. (2018). Noise Reducing in Glass Manufacturing Industry. The London Journal. Vol. 18, No.2, Pages: 33-41.  Moravec, M. (2019). Sound Visualization Methods Identification and Localization of Industrial Noise Sources. Acta Technica Corviniensis Bulletin of Engineering, 12(4), 95-98.You need to review these items but you can support your claims by using more references and submit a  technical reportyour report should include the following items:  Title (not a title page)  Main Body  References and citation (it is a must and at least 6 literature items)Use margins of 1 inch from each side of A4; 12-point times new roman fonts; 1.5 line spacing and justified text.Note that this report should not be a list of articles and their summaries, should not be an annotated bibliography, and should not be a summary of all the sources found on a topic. You need to synthesize information found in a variety of sources. To synthesize means to combine or bring together parts to form a whole. Do not forget that, each source you read is made up of pieces of knowledge. When writing a literature review, you link the pieces between different sources together. You find the pieces that connect and put them together to form a new whole that will be your Graduation Project topic or problem.