Masters in Health Informatics – Hire Academic Expert

Care coordination for housebound patients: Using mobile technology can empower patients with chronic conditions and reduce hospital admissions.
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Masters in Health Informatics – dissertation
15000 words which needs to include a 5000 word literature review.
Must include research methodology

Further course info:

This module aims to engage students in either the design, completion and presentation of a piece of applied research, or in demonstrating their understanding of the research process by undertaking an extended critical literature review which may or may not contain original work.
The dissertation will form a major component of the latter part of the students’ course. They will be expected to take responsibility for designing, conducting, analysing and the interpretation of the results of a substantial investigation, which will make a contribution to their particular professional discipline. The project will be written up in the standard format of MSc dissertation unless an alternative format is agreed with the supervisors. In undertaking the dissertation, the student should demonstrate initiative, intellectual achievement, critical understanding and analysis of the chosen subject matter and the principles being applied. The student will also demonstrate the ability to manage and present information in a precise and coherent manner.

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