Marxist Criticism about Karma by Khushwant Singh

19Jan 2022 by

I.              INTRODUCTION (5% of the paper) 
–       Start with a hook/attention grabbing statement.
Provide a background information about the literary text. 
–       State the thesis statement of your paper. 
II.            SUMMARY (10% of the paper) 
–       Summarize the literary piece in less than 250 words focusing on the salient parts. 
III.          OVERVIEW OF THE LITERARY APPROACH (5% of the paper) 
–       Provide an overview of the utilized literary approach.
a.     Definition 
b.     History 
c.     Proponents 
d.     Key features 
–       APA citation 

IV.          ANALYSIS
–       Use your guide questions. 
–       Use textual evidences and italicize them.
–       Stick to your literary approach. Do not use any other literary approach. 
–       Use other reputable sources to prove your claims. 
–       APA citation 

–       What is your overall impression/thoughts of the literature? 
–       Follow APA Citation for reference citation.