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Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection

June 2022 Examination

Q1. Do you think companies can really do without detailed job descriptions? Why or why not? (10 Marks)
Answer 1.
A task description is regularly abbreviated in the shape of JD. It can be described as a written narrative that helps portray the overall tasks and the duties and responsibilities of a person using for a selected role within an organization or a company. It enables discovering the particular capabilities and qualifications required by using a person for a particular activity. The structure of bills and the running surroundings’ physical needs are also stipulated in the process descriptions. Under standard instances, process descriptions are typically a story, but a few may also appear in the shape of a listing of talents. Process evaluation is a vital element that contributes to forming a job

Q2. “Irrespective of the experience level, Induction Training plays an important role for a new employee” Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. (10 Marks)
Answer 2.
Unlike the experienced class of employees, the brand new personnel need special training for work. The method of education facilitates support a company to get earnings in maintaining their talent and provide them better satisfaction of jobs. In addition, they provide them with the support of morality. The business enterprise additionally gets more earnings and revenue in a business by getting all their employees educated. A file has noted that the trained employees get 20% more productivity to their work. The training structures assist employees in benefit more significantly of a new class of skill, sharpen

Q3. 360- degree feedback is effective way of appraising the performance of employees provided it is designed and implemented scientifically.
a. Give reasons of how 360 degrees feedback is an effective method of performance appraisal. (5 Marks)
Ans 3a.
Every organization uses specific methods to investigate the performance of its personnel. Judging the performance of their employees is considered to e a vital part of any employer. 360-diploma feedback is considered an essential technique for judging their work performance. This makes it simpler to evaluate employees’ overall performance.
Concept and analysis
360-degree comments are considered to be a standard method for every employer. This technique lets businesses quickly

b. While using this method, organizations might come across some difficulties. What kind of difficulties can be faced by the organizations and how those difficulties can be addressed? (5 Marks)
Ans 3b.
Common obstacles may be challenging for those businesses, as organizations constantly attempt to improve the power management of day-to-day business processes. The first detail of managing organizational problems includes recognizing that there must be trouble and identifying its root.

Concept and analysis

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