M2: Discussion on Experiences of Previous Field Placement

The Best Writers Discussion PromptIn your previous placement, what were the essential elements that contributed to you learning the most from your field instructor/supervisor? What helped to make your field placement successful? Some points to consider include:Similar practice philosophyExperienced supervisor both in practice and supervisionBoth parties spent some time getting to know each other’s style.Your supervisor created a respectful environment and provided positive as well as constructive critical feedback.Both parties practiced ethical communication.Making mistakes was viewed as an opportunity to grow as a social worker.The supervisor was able to provide clear direction.Learning was a two-way street with the supervisorthis type of environment encourages full participation and adds respect to the relationship.The organization was inclusive and welcoming.You had opportunities to work with/shadow a myriad of staff, giving you a vast learning experience.You were able to remain in a student role, feeling comfortable asking lots of questions and debriefing if/when you made a mistake.In your previous placement, what elements contributed to a negative experience? Was your learning at all hindered by any experiences? Some points to consider include:Conflicting practice philosophiesThe supervised had more experience and education than the supervisor.No reflection on learning style by either partyYou only received positive feedback, and since no constructive critical feedback was given, the compliments lost their meaning.Communication about our supervision discussion was routinely shared without your knowledge.Mistakes were blown out of proportion.Supervisor contradicted themselves routinely.Supervisor spent most of supervision time talking about themselves.Supervisor was a perfectionist and never shared any mistakes they may have made at some point.Organization wasnt welcoming or inclusive; you often felt excluded in your student role.You spent lots of time by yourself, without instruction or guidance. You often felt like you were fending for yourself in your learning role.