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You have been working at the Willie Wonka Toy Factory for approximately 6 months now. Your supervisor has given you your 6-month employment evaluation, which was excellent. As a result of your great work, your supervisor has informed you that he has chosen you to be tasked with developing educational toys for children. You are excited about this opportunity and readily agree to tackle this challenge.

You are assigned to the Research & Development (R&D) Toy Concept Committee. Your instruction is to create a prototype for a NEW, developmentally appropriate, educational toy.

The committee chair (Instructor) reminds you that the toy is an organic, dynamic process, therefore, it is not possible to detail all that must go into developing your toy or final writeup. What is written below is to serve as a guide to your open-ended, creative process.

You are the creator, the researcher, and the developer. You will take this project from idea inception to presenting ideas for a prototype model. You are not actually making a physical toy but are presenting the ideas in a PowerPoint written format. Pictures and/or graphs should be included.


In this unit, the first two sections of the project will be due and should include:

• Name and Aspect of Development: Name your toy and identify the aspect of development (e.g., cognitive, linguistic, socioemotional, or physical) your toy addresses.

• Literature Review (minimum of 3 slides): Find and discuss at least three scholarly articles that provide relevant background information on the area of development you are targeting (e.g., cognitive, linguistic, socioemotional, or physical). Include links to the articles and provide a brief summary of the relevant key findings described in the articles.

• References (Slide): This includes the three scholarly articles and any other resources used.