LEGO spent years completing market research for the Friends range. Name and describe 2 methods of market research

LEGO® From Brick to BrickThe LEGO Group is a family-owned company which was founded in 1932. LEGO isone of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials for children. It employsapproximately 9,000 people globally and LEGO products can be purchased in morethan 130 countries.Ideas and product development take place at the company’sheadquarters in Denmark. There are approximately 4,000different parts in the LEGO range—plus 58 differentLEGO colours. LEGO bricks are manufactured at factoriesin Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic and Mexico.The LEGO Group employs around 120 designers. Itsselection process for designers is based on hands-on workand face-to-face interviews.New RangeIn December 2011 the LEGO Groupannounced the introduction of LEGO Friends,a new play-theme aimed at girls aged 5 and up.The Friends range, which is set in HeartlakeCity, features a pastel-coloured beauty salon,fashion design studio and bakery. There arealso five mini-dolls that come with handbags,lipsticks and a number of other accessories.The new range has angered some parents who have said the toy company has madethe once gender-free product too girly. LEGO said it had spent years completingmarket research for the range and added that parents asked had so far given it positivefeedback.
1. LEGO regularly brings out new products.(a) Describe each of the stages shown in the following product lifecycle diagram.
(b) Outline 2 reasons why LEGO introduced the Friends productrange.
(c) LEGO spent years completing market research for the Friendsrange.Name and describe 2 methods of market research.

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