Long Description of Figure 5.1, page 148The details of the figure are as follows:Two separate images represent “characteristics”, in a circular chart, and “shadow characteristics”, in a star-shaped chart, respectively.Characteristics (starting from the top in a clockwise direction):THOUGHT:Magician thought: logical, analytical, insightfulPatriarch belief: dignified, authoritative, inspirationalAngel dreams: optimistic, innocent, pureEMOTIONS:Enchantress soul: mysterious, sensual, temptingActress feelings: glamorous, dramatic, involvedTroubadour joy: joyous, free-spirited, agileENERGY:Jester spirit: witty, resilient, daringWarrior ego: confident, powerful, heroicQueen being: relaxed, comforting, sociableSUBSTANCE:Mother Earth body: stable genuine, nurturingMatriarch order: organized, systematic, controlledSage peace: wise, visionary, mentoring Shadow Characteristics (starting from the top in a clockwise direction):Sorcerer: hollow, dark, cowardlyDictator: repressive, close-minded, unforgivingOrphan: abandoned, vulnerable, frightenedShadow witch: cold, vain, selfishAddict: wounded, jealous, tragicIdiot: silly, dimwitted, goofyTrickster: tricky, phony, schemingDestroyer: angry, aggressive, destructiveSlave: oppressed, tormented, despondentShadow Mother: bloated, immobile, self-absorbedHag: stingy, messy, crotchetyHermit: isolated, lonely, irrelevant