Learning Goal: I’m working on a internet marketing question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a internet marketing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
The website for your business has now developed to the point where it has information about the business itself and some more detailed information about its products and/or services, as well as some data-validated forms for placing an order and for gathering feedback from your users. Now it’s time to improve the “look and feel” of your site by adding some additional “rotating” images and some dropdown menus. Once again, of course, this “parallels” the look and feel of our own Nature’s Source sample website.
Find some more images relating to your business that you can legally copy and use on your website (at least six, let’s say) and replicate for your site the rotating image feature illustrated by our own example when you display the home page of either the nature1 website or the nature2 website of this chapter.
Create a version of your website that “parallels” our nature1 example of this chapter. That is, your site must have only a home page, but it must also have the rotating images and dropdown menus analogous to what you see in Figure 7.1 of the text. Or, if you wish, give it a fancier dropdown menu. The one in the text can be regarded as a “minimal” dropdown menu whose functionality you should be able to replicate using the text code as a model and making appropriate changes for your particular situation. On the other hand, there are lots of dropdown menu options “out there” on the Internet, and you may find one more to your liking. If you do, and it’s not illegal to do so, go ahead and use it instead. The menu options and sub options will, of course, depend on the nature of your business, but most of them should be the same or similar to those in the text example. In this part of these exercises, none of the menu options on either the main menu bar or the dropdown submenus should be active. In other words, your resulting website should “parallel” our nature1 example, in which none of the links are active.
Make a copy of your website from 2 above, and revise it so that all menu links become active and the same header with menu bar and associated dropdown menu options appear on all pages. The rotating images are to appear only on your home page, since you do not want to distract the user from the serious business of buying your products once that user has started to browse your site. The appearance of the business logo and menu bar on all pages helps to give your visitors a feeling of consistency in the “look and feel” of your site as they browse from page to page. In any case, your result this time should “parallel” our nature2 example, in which all of the links are active on all pages.
A final (optional, unless your instructor requires it or some variation of it) exercise: In this version of your website, you may also wish to implement some of the form enhancements we discussed in section 7.4, and you may do that as well.
And, of course, everything should be validated as HTML5 and CSS3.