Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need a sam

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
What? – describe the experience/situation: achievement(s), consequence(s), feeling(s), and/or problem(s) tied to content from the course.
So What? – reflect on the experience (discuss what you learned): about self, relationships, models, attitudes, thoughts, understandings, and improvements
Now What? – how will you use what you have learned in the future? Identify what needs to be done in order to improve future outcomes and learning
Some guided questions to help get you started:
For the What? Question:
What made you stop and think? It might be a new concept, or something you had already been exposed to that made you think differently, a gut reaction to a concept, idea, or lecture.
Think about the material in the context of COVID 19, the protests, or what a “new” normal might look like.
Think about the material in relation to your or a family member’s healthcare experiences and how the topics covered in class provided an “ah ha” moment – describe the experience/situation for the “What?” response
For the So What? Question
Reflect on what you learned – from class and how that informs or challenges your What response.
For the Now What? Question
How will you apply what you learned while in pharmacy school and on rotations or in your personal life? What might you do differently or what might you continue to do and tweak to improve it