Learning Goal: I’m working on a creative writing practice test / quiz and need a

Learning Goal: I’m working on a creative writing practice test / quiz and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
HIL 341
Video Presentation (100 Points)
Dr. Burt Stillar
Due by Week 6
For this video presentation, you will pick one item that addresses a current issue and make connections to class concepts. The item may be print or video and may be the product of any source. TV commercials can be a great source for this analysis, because you will need to identify, and present which rhetorical devices and fallacies are present in it. Otherwise, you can use an article from the current edition of a newspaper or magazine, a segment from a news or talk show, YouTube post, vlog, or any program that features current affairs would all work for this assignment. Videos or clips that you are analyzing should be no more than 2 minutes in length. You must cite whatever source you use on a References page on your Power point slides!
For this video presentation:
Can you identify the argument, premises, and conclusion presented in the article or video clip and explain its importance?
Did the speakers/writers use deductive or inductive reasoning?
Identify 2-3 of the following class concepts: vague/ambiguous language, credibility, cognitive bias, rhetoric, logical fallacies, generalizations, arguments from analogy, cause and effect reasoning, and value judgments about morality/law/aesthetics. Explain why you think the argument fits this concept. Also identify if this was purposeful and why, as well as how this impacts the strength of the argument?
Provide a conclusion to your video. Was the argument convincing? What is your position? (30 seconds max)
Points possible: 100 points; Length: 4–5 Minutes Maximum!
Items used for your analysis should not be more than 1 year old.
You may cut up clips, pause to identify concepts, or use a clip for a full 2 minutes. However, you cannot use over two minutes of video.
Clips and articles must be embedded in a PowerPoint that you will use to supplement your presentation. 5-8 Power point slides maximum.
See Getting Started with Panopto under Course Materials in the menu for additional help.
You will be graded on:
Your ability to identify arguments being made about relevant issues in our world today
How well you identify class concepts; accuracy and a clear explanation are required
Your use of terminology from the textbook/ class lectures
Your ability to showcase your critical thinking skills
Your presentation skills and delivery (Don’t just read PowerPoints or notes word for word! Speak in a conversational manner and look into the camera when talking!)
Points Possible: 100
write everything I need to say and I will do the video.