Learning Goal: I’m working on a application writing writing question and need an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a application writing writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
OverviewFor this assignment you will be creating an Ad Analysis that demonstrates your understanding of the expectations and requirements for a particular position you’ve identified that you could apply for now or in the near future (one to two years from now). You may use an internship opportunity should that be more useful to you.
Your language, (most) experiences, and tone/voice should align with the selected job advertisement. In other words, choose something realistic given your experiences. Do not make up experiences or educational background for this assignment.
You may use either Handshake or Ohio Means Jobs to identify a position. Links to both as well as additional resources can be found in the Introduction of this module.
By the end of this project you should have a working template that you can revise to submit for future job positions. More importantly, you will understand the concepts and approaches that you can use for future job/work contexts.
ParametersPlease seek out and use one one job advertisement that you believe that you can be competitive in achieving, given your current credentials or the credentials you will soon acquire. That is, you want to be realistic enough about about your credentials so that you are able to create effective career documents. If you choose something too ambitious, like a CEO position, it will be difficult to include credible experiences in your career documents. It will be easier if you select something feasible, such as an internship or a job that you intend to get once you have graduated.
Write a one page memo addressed to me that helps you analyze the selected opportunity. The memo should be formatted and professional. If you need additional help writing a memo, visit this site on Memo Writing (Links to an external site.).
Your memo should address the following questions:
What are some key words and phrases from the advertisement? Identify five to seven. Explain why you think they are important and what they tell you about the position and/or the candidate being sought.
What are three key qualifications that the advertisement seeks from a candidate? These might be the qualifications that you think are most applicable to you.
How do you believe your experiences align with these qualifications?
Your response to question 3 should be the most detailed and extensive, with clear references to your experiences and background to support your discussion.
Audience ApproachAs your instructor, I am your audience. Imagine that you are asking me for advice about this particular position and how to best be a competitive candidate. This memo will give me the information I need to help you.
Be sure to include a copy of the advertisement with your submission, so that I can better respond to your memo.
Submission ChecklistSubmit a well-written, proofread memo that addresses the questions asked above
Submit a copy of the advertisement– DO NOT SUBMIT A LINK; online job advertisements can be deleted at any time.