Leadership topic [Communication]

Deep dive on a leadership topic  (Communication) and it is relative to the start up of the business. This assignment will allow you to  pursue the topic with greater rigor and application.  Here are some guidelines for this paper:

• It should include at least four to six cited sources, indicating that your writing derives from a thoughtful review of literature on your topic.
• The paper is ideally “part research / part application”, in that you will take what you learn from your studied sources, and use the length of the paper for an in-depth discussion on this topic and how it applies to start up of a business situation.
• As with all things in our class, you should emphasize the practical application of your knowledge.  This will require that you produce a “product” of your research.  Prepare a business plan, a set of guidelines, a framework or other tool that you will be able to use in your business activities.