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Provide leadership across the organisation


This assessment requires you to write an essay/report covering a range of topics relating to role of leadership in the organisations. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate leadership knowledge and skills to:

– Communicate organisational mission and goals
– Influence groups and individuals
– Build and support teams
– Demonstrate personal and professional competence
Assignment Type


Write an essay paper on “Effective leadership for the success of an organisation” covering the questions as per below. This will require you to develop your own ideas and to conduct some research of your own.

– Explain what leadership is and why is it so important?
– Explain what you consider the characteristics of a good leader to be. Justify your ideas.
– What are the different styles of leadership and how should these styles be applied in the workplace?
– Explain how leaders can communicate the vision, mission, goals and organisational values to the team and individuals.
– Why it is necessary for managers/leaders to model appropriate behaviours?
– List some people that you know or know of who could be considered to be good leaders.
– Explain why these people are good leaders and explain how the behavioural characteristics that they demonstrate can be translated into workplace behavioral needs.
– Explain why good leaders contribute to innovation and how they can encourage continuous improvement across the organisation.
– Explain the strategies managers, supervisors and team leaders can use to facilitate positive work environment.
– Explain why the leaders should consult the relevant groups and individuals in decision making process.
– Explain why the leaders need to demonstrate understanding of the global environment and new technology in work activities.
– Explain how the leaders can ensure the organisation or team participates in ongoing professional development program and activities.
– Explain why the leaders need to model ethical conduct in all areas of work and encourage others to adopt business ethics.

Word count

The report should be between 2,500 to 3,000 words excluding the references, tables and diagrams.


This work has to be based on your individual research (e.g. journals, articles and other publications using internet). You may gather information from group discussion with your colleagues and trainer. However, the outcome of this assessment will be your own and you will be individually assessed by your trainer through observation and quality of project you present. While achieving this outcome you will consider all the concepts relating to providing a leadership across the organisation.


While writing your essay, you MUST use the following headings:

– Definition of leadership and its importance
– Characteristics of a good leader
– Different styles of leadership
– Vision, mission, goals and organisational values
– Positive role modeling
– Real life examples of good leaders
– How leaders influence the team
– Culture of innovation and learning
– Creating and maintaining positive work environment.
– Ethical leadership
– Consultative and participative decision making
– Global environment and new technology
– Professional development program and activities
– Conclusio