Kidney Disease Class Activity 2022 Refer to the article by Dr. Collister and col

Kidney Disease Class Activity 2022
Refer to the article by Dr. Collister and colleagues (2019) on the assignment page. The role of
the multidisciplinary team has been shown to be impactful for patients with chronic kidney
disease on multiple endpoints and outcomes. Notably, there is no single recipe for success in
these clinics, and more research is needed. The ability for the AGACNP to recognize effective
management and risk mitigation strategies for CKD patients and appreciate the unique
contribution of the multidisciplinary team is vital to practitioner success.
College of Nursing has received a grant to develop a nurse practitioner-run
multidisciplinary chronic kidney disease (CKD) center. The grant is for $1.5 million over
3 years. The health system has committed to donating the space for this clinic in a
location of interest. Now they are asking the advanced practice providers (you and your
group) for input on the development of this innovative health center.
Part I: Virtual Class Activity.
I. Directions for Group Activity: Please note: all groups will be assigned during the virtual
class. Each group will have at least 20 mins to answer ALL of the following questions as a
group. Each member should take notes, as each group will be asked to present their answer
and rationale for at least ONE question when we return to the large group with the entire
class to debrief. Each student will also submit their group’s answers on Canvas; see Part II.
1. In your breakout room groups, create a CKD Multidisciplinary Clinic. Describe
the setting (urban, rural, etc), patient demographics, and team composition. Why did
you pick this setting, population, and team? Think about impact!
2. Discuss 3 specific CKD-related outcomes you will track/measure at the clinic? (be
specific – labs, diagnostics, vital signs, etc.). Include peer-reviewed references and
explain WHY you chose these diagnostics and WHY these outcomes are valuable to
3. Discuss 2 lifestyle interventions/outcomes you will track and promote within the
clinic (be specific). Describe WHY these interventions are important for kidney
4. Elaborate on the unique contributions of 3 specific team members from your center:
A. Examples of members of the multidisciplinary team to discuss:
 Nurse Practitioner
 Nephrologist
 Social Worker
 Dietician
 Pharmacist
 Additional clinicians or professionals of your choice
Part II: Case Study Assignment.
I. Each individual student must upload their own submission from the Part I: Group Activity
answers (#1-4). Each student will add a personal reflection to the Canvas Assignments page
under Case Study #2.
1. Submit answers from Class Group Activity (Questions 1 -4)
2. Add Personal Reflection: Discuss how easy/hard it was to determine which team
members and outcome measures to prioritize. What barriers do you perceive in
initiating this clinic? How could you overcome these barriers?
II. Important:
1. Include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed, evidenced-based references in APA format
(for in text and reference list) to support your answers and rationale. NO title page is
required. You may answer in bullet points but should still have in-text citations. You
may edit your group answers if you find different answers supported by evidence in
the literature.
2. Limit your assignment to no more than 500 words or one page.