Journal entry: Ua-aua: A Sumerian Lullaby

Write a journal entry for Ua-aua: A Sumerian Lullaby.
The answer to each question must be at least 50 words:

Which part or idea or concept in the reading was most interesting to you? Why?
Did the reading help you to understand the people, religion and culture of the time and place in which it was written (ancient Sumeria)? Why? Why not?
Your general comments about the reading.
If you could say one thing, or ask one question, of the wife of Shulgi (either Shulgi-Shimti or Geme-Ninlila), what would it be?

The purpose of these journal entries is for you to engage and interact with the readings. Im interested in your ideas, your reactions, your thoughts. Grading focuses on completeness rather than content (provided you make an effort to answer the questions thoughtfully).
Put the answer to each question is a separate, number paragraph.
I would prefer that you use your own knowledge and the course materials for this, however, if you do outside research, you must use an informal citation for your sources (author, title, page #, webpage URL, etc.), in parentheses, MLA style (in-line/in-text). Failure to do this is plagiarism, and will earn 0 points.