jour110 Cheapter 1. Discussion Forum30 mins

(Links to an external site.) As you do, think back to our textbooks information on Third-Person Effect. Then, post at least two commentsone of your opinion in response to the article and whether or not you suffer from third-person effect In your comment, please cite (using quotation marks) at least one sentence from the excerpt to back up your comment. WORK TWOPeople definitely watch Fear Factor for fun and entertainment alone. However, as media literate people, we can also apply mutiple points of access to the experience. Much like when we read literature and can apply different approaches to interpreting a booksuch as a biographical, historical or feminist approachwe can do the same to any media. Once youve learned about multiple points of access in the first chapter of our training manual (our textbook) apply that concept to this Fear Factor video. Write a post of at least 100-200 words in which you give at least two ways you could interpret this particular clip from Fear Factor. Some suggestions might include viewing it through the lens of a psychologist, an anthropologist, an insurance agent, someone evaluating beauty norms, or a filmmaker. You might think of other ways you could look at this too.

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