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Organizations must manage and administer an e-commerce site with attention to vulnerabilities to both organizational assets and client data. E-commerce creates potential vulnerabilities for the loss of personal information. Click the following article, which explores this topic:
Does E-Commerce Have a Digital Privacy Problem?
Search for and examine a case of an e-commerce site that has been compromised within the last 6 years. In your own words, summarize (2–3 paragraphs) what happened, addressing the following information in detail:

How many customers were affected and what kind of data was lost? If the organization was not sure (or did not say) what was lost, state this in your post and discuss any potential consequences for customers.
What steps did the organization take to address concerns? Alternatively, what lessons does this example offer?

Provide a reference (with link) for your case example.
When replying to fellow students, look for opportunities to connect their responses to other topics in the current unit, including points that you may have made in your own posts. You may also spot an opportunity to connect the discussion to an article or news story that you have read about, which you can link in your reply. In addition, you can share how your experience with the course content has shaped your opinions and ideas about e-commerce requirements and how participating in this discussion has done so.
Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format should be correct and professional. Begin contributing to the discussion by Friday.
McKnight, P. (2019, July 12). Does e-commerce have a digital privacy problem? American Bar Association.