itcc 112 w7

This project requires you to develop an Excel spreadsheet from scratch that incorporates the key features that you have learned about throughout the course. You will be graded on use of all features, professional impact, organization, creativity and overall impression. (Remember, creativity makes an impression!) Upon completion, upload your Project to the Assignments area of the classroom.

Topic: Management assigned you the task of organizing an award ceremony for your organization. They have asked you to organize data into a spreadsheet so they can easily view and manipulate the award types and amounts before decisions are made. The overall budget is an amount of your choosing. All of this information should be fictitious. You are required to create a spreadsheet to track all of the following items:


– Organization size: 30

– Award Ceremony Date: December 5th

– Two Types of Awards: Performance Award and Special Commendation Award

– Performance Awards can be given in the range of $500 – $5000

– Special Commendation Awards can be given in the range of $500 – $2000

Data to include:

– List of all employees receiving awards (should be at least 50% of employees)

– Type of award each employee will receive

– Amount of award each employee will receive

– Percentage of overall budget that each employee’s award will represent

– Percentage of overall budget that each type of award will represent

– Column totals using formulas

Features of Excel to Include:

– Use of formulas for adding and computing percentages

– Changes to font size and style, as appropriate for impact

– Label on worksheet 

– Use Headings/Titles for each category listed

– Format currency to zero decimal places

– Adjust width of columns or wrapping the text within cells to avoid overlap of adjacent cells by long text entries

– Use color to emphasize important aspects of the sheet

– Use borders to separate sheet into appropriate sections

– Charts to show data
Submission Instructions: Submit your completed project as a Microsoft Excel attachment