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Investigating Women in Music Videos: Choose a music video that sparked some sort of controversy in the media. The primary artist should be a woman. This assignment will consist of a song/video analysis; an overview of the controversy, addressing the two opposing sides of the debate; and your personal reactions to the video and controversy.

Your selected video must, in some way, relate to gender—through lyrics, visual representation of women, the way a female artist presents herself or is discussed in the media etc. If the connection to gender in your video is subtle rather than obvious, make it very clear in your paper.

1)      Choose a controversial music video (from 1980 to today)

2)      Conduct a song/music video analysis. What’s the genre? What are the lyrics about? What role does the woman assume within the song’s narrative? In the video, what role does she play? Is she thecentral focusDecoration? Object? What does she look like, what is she wearing? What happens in the video (not a play-by-play; choose the threads that are pertinent to your argument)? How do the lyrics/video relate to our class discussions about gender roles and social expectations etc.?

3)      Locate sources (newspapers, magazines, blogs, YouTube comments, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that address the controversy sparked by the music video. Identify the debate. You will need to present at least two different perspectives (e.g., in support of the video, opposed to the videoobjectively. What do people say is controversial about the video? Why are they opposed to the video’s content? Or why do they support it? You must consulte at least 10 different sources.

4)      What do you think about what you heard and watched in the video? The different opinions expressed by the media and the public? Tell me what you think and why. This part of the paper MUST contain a thesis. (You can be subjective in this section, and you may use “I.”)

This paper must be at least 4 pages exclude the headlines. Do not just list answers to the questions posed above. Use these questions as guidelines for your main point(s). Remember to use MLA format to cite your sources properly and include a complete Works Cited