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Entrepreneurial success requires the MAI,. fInd and attract the right Investment to start and grow. Investment may come from several sources Including The entrepreneur, &rectors and shareholders, banks and lenders, angel and company Investors, grants, and crowdfundIng. In all cases, entrepreneurs prepare proposak and pitches to convince Investors to commit m an Investment
The purpose of this assessment Is to Investgate and Identify appropriate sources of Investment and prepare a business Investment proposal br the startup phase of your busInes venture. The business Investment proposal will demonstrate vour knowledge and understanding& Me lean business start-up that you have studied solar In modules I- 3 of this subject.
Preparing your proposal will assist puns von continue to develop vour business concept and Investigate lean business start-up methodology In more depth over modules 0.6.1t contribute to the analysis ofyour venture’s viability In Assessment and your MASIneSS I,. AsseSSment.
Prepare a business Investment proposal wItM1 the following components:
L. Introduction. Briefly outline your husIness venture. 2.. Research and analyse Immanent options. Using the Investment options covered In tnodules1-3,1dentlfy and justify a minimum &two (2) Investment options most suited to
ENT301 Assessment 2 Brief Business Investment ProposalOne_module3.2 Pavlof 6

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