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International Marketing
September 2022 Examination

Q1. Chinese brands commanded 75% of India Smartphone market in 2020, up from 71% in 2019. What would be your strategy to promote and manufacture more Indian brands In India? (10 Marks)

Ans 1.
The demand of the telecommunication industry and cell smartphone market introduced significant changes while speak me about the services demand and availability of clients because of transferring of online market values and progressive economic changes. Moreover, one-of-a-kind countries, including India and China, offer the services of smartphones with unique brands and a great generation using cellular

Q2. Critics of WTO, including economists such as Dani Rodrik and Ha Joon Chang, have argued that WTO only serves the interests of multinational corporations, undermines local development, penalizes poor countries and is increasing inequality. Comment on the above and suggest the changes in your opinion can bring improvement to developing countries. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.
The WTO or world trade organization brought the applications and unprecedented modifications associated with the final results of change values, efficiently introduced success adjustments in religious values conferences, and secured negotiated multi-altering adjustments with the introduced collection of business results and growing the powerful change activities in business demand. Moreover, the current round and initiative of WTO is delivered in Doha round and describes the membership software with accomplishing the global trading device

Q3. Read the following case study carefully and then answer the questions that follow: India achieved a record food grain production of 281.37 million metric tons due to fertile soil, good rainfall, and use of genetically modified seeds. From a net importer of food India, today exports food grains to various countries like, Iran ,Qatar, UAE, Indonesia etc. Ironically, India is home to the largest number of hungry people. Around 213 million go hungry and are malnourished people as they do not get proper two meals a day. Food distribution channels are weak, and about 10 % of the stored food grains are being wasted and eaten up by rats and birds while the human population is deprived of food.

a. Explain whether India should continue to export food grains to various other countries? (5 Marks)

Ans 3a.
The demand of the food grain industry, preferably from India, is added to higher rate services. An economic survey helps to show that millions of exports are delivered by meal grains services and their production in the current yr compared with the current year. The demand for food

b. Suggest a strategy for how India can solve the above dilemma and embark on large -scale food grain exports? (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.
The current crisis of the Indian food market is delivered to the unavailability of Wheat that allotment turned into added by improving the distribution of Wheat and initiatives executed by using the authorities. The export services assist in enhancing the market of Indians with added