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International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
September 2022 Examination

Q1. A foreign paint manufacturer is planning entry into the Indian market by starting manufacturing specialized industrial paints. It has identified potential industrial
Customers and has firmed up supply contracts with key customers for the next 12 months. Give this background; explain the choice of supply chain strategy for the paint manufacturer. (10 Marks)
ANS 1.
Paint and coatings organizations can use efficient supply chain management (SCM) structures to regulate and decrease expenses and boom customer enjoyment. All succeeded in eliminating deployments starting with the advent of a flexible corporate approach. Most corporations nowadays are faced with combining any need for value financial savings with the change and information for the sustainable work

Q2. An Indian cloud kitchen startup having successfully established operations in 18 Indian cities has finalized Singapore as the first market for its international expansion. The key to the startup’s success in India has been its wide range of delectable cuisine, cost-effective & high-quality ingredient sourcing, and quick order delivery thanks to its tie-ups with leading logistics companies. Evaluate the logistics strategy options the cloud kitchen can consider for its Singapore expansion and explain the choice of the appropriate option from amongst those options. (10 Marks)

ANS 2.


A cloud kitchen is a corporate kitchen that ultimately makes food for distribution or takeout and does not help dine-in customers. Restaurant owners can use cloud kitchens to increase an established restaurant or release a digital business at a cheap rate. This lets restaurateurs develop their groups, expand into other regions, or test new thoughts. Numerous eateries service cloud kitchens as a tribulation ground for novel concepts while minimizing workforce and system.

Q3. A leading Indian trader of telecommunication equipment & networking gear such as routers, switches, hubs, gateways, modems, etc. has traditionally sourced its requirement for these products entirely from China.

a. Compare the various options of transportation modes to import these goods and explain the choice of the appropriate transportation mode for the same. (5 Marks) –



Deciding on the appropriate form of logistical shipping for your business is vital to the achievement of your firm, the security of your items, and the entertainment of your consumers in a society where rapid shipping isn’t any increasingly more reachable but a need. While it originates in organizing the cargo process, the delivery method is essential. While determining

b. Given the disruption in its existing supply chain due to geopolitical issues and Covid- 19 situation in China, the trader is very keen on establishing long-term supply relationships with manufacturers based in South Korea & Vietnam. What local setup can the trader consider in these countries for procurement? How can such setups help the trader in sourcing from these countries? What would you recommend the trader to therefore do? (5 Marks)



“Acquiring products and/or services from a particular source is called nearby sourcing. Localities include network individuals, indigenous communities, formerly terrible groups, and nearby municipal and con