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International HR Practices
June 2022 Examination

Q1. Acme engineering in Mumbai, is India based heavy engineering company specializing in transformer manufacturing and setup projects. It’s now planning to setup a project management office in Warsaw, Poland. For this, there will be a team of 15 project experts moving from India and 2 from France to Poland, including a senior manager coming from France.
What are the pre departure and post arrival trainings you will plan for the team?
What are the top 3 challenges you as HR Manager foresee after the movement is completed to Poland? (10 Marks)
Answer 1.
Experts often divide migration into classes: migration, worldwide assignment during immigration, and repatriation. Pre-tour schooling is vital because people make the predicted modifications before facing a new state of affairs. Correct expectations permit accurate adjustment to extend beyond its ancient obligations into a business pastime that can be critical in phrases of a method that could define and decide what makes an employer a hit or unsuccessful. HR leaders inform us that their primary commercial enterprise problems are focused on their organization’s operations and profitability, cost reduction, and customer pride. This remarkable parallel is that strategic effect, next-era generation, and enterprise gadget integration are all on the way. In step with our studies, delight

Q2. Super solutions is an organic dye manufacturing company, headquartered in Faridabad, India. Their environment and skin friendly dyes are in high demand with Indian and global fashion houses, especially in Mumbai and US. They are a small firm of around 100 employees, mostly in chemical research, sales, quality and customer relationship roles. Manufacturing is almost completely outsourced to small scale enterprises in villages in Haryana and Rajasthan.
They have got into a 20 year contract to fulfill requirements of a new fashion house in Milan (Italy). As per the terms of contract, they need to have 2 researchers, 3 quality experts, 2 logistics managers and 1 customer relationship manager based exclusively at customer HQ in Milan. Super solutions have decided to go for local candidates as it will be cost effective and also in line with government guidelines to promote local talent.
Before you start planning, what all the information you need to acquire?
How will you decide on the recruitment strategy and approach? Please detail the step wise plan to fulfill these needs? (10 Marks)
Answer 2.
Employers find it hard to find candidates for the top talent competition. Style leases are facing a primary disaster today. The motive is most probably to be extensive land connections. Conventional recruiting strategies are now not beneficial in assisting fashion designers in hiring top skills; the renting environment has developed from within. Applicants are no longer inside the shadows; perhaps, corporations will respond favorably. Conventional recruiting has taken the role of recent hiring. The contemporary work environment necessitates a swifter response, more attention, more flexibility, and process development all at the same time. In a new global of labor,” the brand strives to stay up the

Q3. Pranam electronics, headquartered in Chennai, is a well-known supplier of semiconductor chips to automobile companies across Europe, US and Asia- Pacific. They source these chips from China and Philippines and then sell them after required programming and packaging. Looking at the product market demand they decided to setup manufacturing unit in Philippines to cater customers across the globe. Team of 50 members hired to setup the plant, out of which 10 are locally recruited and rest moved in from Chennai, US & France. You as a Global HR Manager have to decide on the compensation for all employees working in Philippines. Company believes in promoting equal compensation for all.
a. What are the components of International compensation you will consider while rolling out offer to the employees joining Philippines unit? (5 Marks)

Answer 3a.
Every application is first-rate ideal to specific conditions. The most popular methods for companies are balance or building structures, negotiations, localization, general sales, and restaurant programs. Every program has its pros and cons. these are the parts of the worldwide compensation that will be considered while making a pledge to employees coming into the Philippine unit.
Concept and analysis

b. Which international compensation approach will you choose and why? Justify with reasons. (5 Marks)
Answer 3b.
The flow rate approach or market-price method is used to provide remuneration programs from other nations based totally on the wage structure within the host co