International Business Finance and Trade – Hire Academic Expert

learning outcomes

  • Explainessentialmanagementaccountingandfinancialmanagementconcepts
  • Applycostandfinancialinformationforbudgetingandforecasting
  • Analysefinancialstatementsandevaluateallocationoffinancial&operational resources
  • Appraiseoperationalperformance; make short termbusinessdecisionsinabusinesscase


YouhavejustbeenemployedasaManagementAccountantbyHardy MotorsLtdafter recently graduating from your Accounting & Finance course as the top graduate. You have been assigned to the management accounting department, where your skill and expertise will be leveraged on.

The report must be 2000 words in length and follow the guidelines stipulated in the assignment brief.


You would like to reiterate the paramount importance of management accounting to the Financial Director.ExplaintotheFinancialDirectoranyTHREE (3)essential concepts of management accounting, each that would help augment the value ofHardyMotors Ltd to its shareholders.

Hardy Motors Ltd produces specialized superbike equipment for various industries worldwide. They have been asked to produce a component for one of their key customers, Kawa Motors. Youhavebeensuppliedwiththefollowingbudgetedinformation.

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