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International Banking & Foreign Exchange Management
September 2022 Examination

Q1. You are working with an international bank. A client of yours who is in export-import business approaches you regarding his international transactions in different currencies. As per the market, the US dollar and Euro would see an upwards trend. Your friend fears the loss in his business due to this rise in currencies as he imports raw materials for his business and deals in these currencies. To mitigate the risk of loss, what products would you suggest to your friend. Explain them in detail. (10 Marks)

Ans 1.
Foreign money exposure, from the factor of view of a corporate entity, is the quantity of vulnerability that impacts its stability sheet and profit and Loss figures and could result only from the movements of the trade price. For converting foreign currencies, i.e., switching from one currency to another, the exchange

Q2. You are given an assignment for your mid-term exams. You are supposed to identify the top 5 banks of India based on market cap. Identify their correspondent banks in major hubs like New York and Shanghai. List the services/functions these correspondent banks play on behalf of their Indian counterparts. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.
Right here is the list of the top five largest banks in India in 2019. The order of this listing has been ranked according to the Market Capitalization of the Banks.
1. IndusInd bank Ltd: has been ranked the 19th in the role of the various top 50 valuable Indian manufacturers in 2014 as evaluated through the BrandZ top 50 rankings powered by the Millward Brown and WPP. The bank has bagged the 39th rank in Interbrand fine Indian brands

Q3. EXIM Bank is conducting a webinar on “Financing of Foreign Trade” as a part of creating awareness among businesses about facilitating foreign trade transactions. As a speaker,

a. You are supposed to explain to your audience the various financing facilities available for importers and exporters in international trade. (5 Marks)

Ans 3a.
Worldwide trade Finance enables importers and exporters to get rapid access to finance to get their products no longer most effective manufactured here in the home market but also exported internationally. If you’re an importer or exporter and involved in global change, you could get access to global change Finance as a key to succeeding in global change. Global trade finance

b. Explain to your audience when the export credit can be availed. (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.
The Commerce Ministry in India has initiated a post-shipment credit facility as